WP7 Applications



With this windows phone 8 application you have access to the FTP Server. You also have access to DropBox accounts. Files can be loaded up or down. You can edit text files, etc. This is the one and only application which permits FTP connection with windows phone.


My Formel

With this convenient windows 8 application all your formulas are with you at all times. Furthermore it is possible to upload your own formula and put it at the disposal of the community.


My NZZ Online

With the help of this windows phone 8 application  you will constantly be updated on the latest news. The following topics are available: National and international news, economy, finances, sport, digital, style and cars.


My Code

This Windows Phone 8 application was developed in order to be in a position to program even when you are travelling. You have a great idea but no computer nearby? with this syntax-highlighting application non of your thoughts gets lost.



This Windows Phone 8 application shows you the running tv program. Swiss stations as well as German and Austrian stations are availabe. Furthermore teletext is integrated for SF1, SF2 and ORF. You can chose your own stations as well as their sequence.


My Friends

This Windows Phone 8 application shows you the Position of your Friends in realtime. It supports Live-Tile and Push Notifications...